Rehab & Recovery

Our team works with Physios and other allied health providers
to help speed up your rehab and recovery. 

Helping you come back stronger and
healthier than before.

Worried about costs. We are fully Work Cover endorsed.

With specialist equipment to help you safely and effectively stabilise, control and strengthen muscle imbalances and injuries. These machines help guide you through correct biomechanical movement patterns and allow you to work each side of your body independently. This helps overcome muscle imbalances and allows you to work on and around injuries.

We cater for wheelchairs, with all our facilities spaced out for your ease of access. You can train in our private facility away from the busy gyms and with the assistance of one of our experienced Personal Trainers.

Worried about costs? We are fully Work Cover endorsed.
✓ Correct muscle imbalances
✓ Improve stability
✓ Promote range of movement
✓ Reduce joint stiffness

✓ Pre-surgery strengthening

✓ Increase healing times

✓ Strengthen injured tissue
✓ Build and tone muscles
✓ Prevent atrophy

✓ Activate neuromuscular system

✓ Improve health
✓ Injury Prevention
✓ Get back to everyday life

Underwater Treadmill COMING SOON! Watch this Space!!